Dazzle with charm and grace of Chanderi Sarees



Tired of wearing the same old silk saree for every function? While it is true that a traditional silk saree never loses its charm and beauty, why not opt for a completely different fabric for your new saree shopping spree. Chanderi sarees are traditionally originated in a small place in Madhya Pradesh called Chanderi and are now gaining popularity all over India due to its intricate designs and patterns.

Chanderi sarees are made in silk or fine cotton and traditionally features the patterns found in the temples in Chanderi. However, lately, one may find contemporary designs and embellishments on Chanderi sarees giving them a trendy, modern look. Also, the fabric is comfortable during summers as well as winters. The most attractive feature of the chanderi sarees is the harmony it maintains between the body and the border of the saree especially at the end, that is known as the pallu of the saree. This design adds a special grace to the outfit and to the wearer of the saree. While the most common color combination is the off-white color on the body mixed with different colors on the border, at present new designers have worked with different stylish color combinations in Chanderi sarees. Traditional Chanderi sarees use zari Patti wherein the design is enriched by using motifs and butis in the body of the saree.

Chanderi sarees have a special shimmer in the cotton that comes with a delicate gold thread that is used in the borders of the saree and for the motifs. The beauty of these sarees lies in the thread used while weaving the saree.


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  1. Chanderi sarees are known for their charm and grace with traditional values. Thanks for sharing such a nice blog on chanderi sarees.

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